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…like hotcakes?

DSC08277These using-up-the sourdough hotcakes got mixed reviews.  Kids didn’t eat them, and Ted said it “tasted like pancakes a hundred years ago.”  Great. 

My reaction?  Different.  Interesting.  Tangy.  The texture is good – a tad rubbery, in a good way.  Quite nice with brown sugar sprinkled on top (as suggested).  Perhaps an acquired taste.

I mixed in blueberries to sweeten it, but next time, I’d probably make some significant changes:

  • Less starter
  • Use at least some milk, not all water
  • Add some sugar to the batter

While they were frying, I started thinking this batter might make nice crumpets, but I couldn’t find metal rings to go in the cast-iron skillet to test my theory.  But who knows… maybe I’ll try sourdough crumpets next time!

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