Making Auntie Sally’s Challah, Part 2

Continuing on from last night, when I made the dough, I first watched this challah-making video by Ciril Hitz to study up on the 2-braid challah technique:

bunns 2010-08-13 001 

Making snakes – and breaking in my new rolling pin.  Sure beats a wine bottle, hands-down!

bunns 2010-08-13 002 

Quick preliminary roll, then rest.

bunns 2010-08-13 003 bunns 2010-08-13 005 

Whoops, forgot to take pictures.  I rolled the snakes out to their full length and formed two 2-braid challahs.  Unfortunately, the first two snakes were much too long, and made an unattractive, too-long, too-skinny challah.  So I rolled it up into a crown!

The second was okay, but I could have closed the bottom end better.

bunns 2010-08-13 009

Now, spray with oil and cover up with a towel (NOT plastic wrap!) and let them  rise while I bake blueberry buns!

bunns 2010-08-13 008 

Sprinkle with streusel (=krishkelach!), then bake 1/2 hour.

challahdone 2010-08-13 002

Pull them out and realize that the oven was still at 375° from the blueberry buns.  :-o

challahsdone 2010-08-13 002

Guess we’re having super-dark challahs this Shabbos…

Despite how they look, they really aren’t burnt.  Not quite.  And I have to say, they smell just like my Bubby’s.


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