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What’s for breakfast? Raspberry cobbler!

Fresh raspberry cobbler!  A not-so-very sweet treat from the garden!

Not-so-sweet raspberry breakfast biscuit cobbler

Gather as many fresh raspberries as you can.  Note the four blueberries that have infiltrated the pan.

rasps 002 

Top with Joy of Cooking’s Quick Drop Biscuits (with a bit of sugar added).  Bake at 475 degrees for 12-14 minutes (nice & fast!).

rasps 005 

While it bakes, whip up some evaporated milk w/a bit more sugar (oh, that I had cream in the house, but this is probably healthier):

rasps 008 

Serve (preferably with caffeinated beverage), eat, enjoy.

rasps 010

Mmm… I’m enjoying mine, though the kids’ reactions were mixed – and, as usual, not positive.

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