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Six-Word Saturday: 23 Tammuz, 5770

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S’mores tart… and some yummy challahs!

erevs 005I wasn’t about to make homemade marshmallows (don’t have any proper gelatin even if I wanted to!), so I spread marshmallow fluff instead, very thickly over top.  It was a bit messy, with chocolate peeking through in spots, but I figured if it was delicious nobody would mind.  Then I sprinkled some mini-marshmallows over it.  The mini-marshmallows burnt a bit in the broiler, which lent that perfect campfire flavour!  Guests raved, though Elisheva kvetched that it was too rich.  Still:  delicious.  So simple; this is a keeper!

erevs 009Oh, yeah, I also made a LOT of challah, too, using Chavi’s wonderful “Challot” recipe again.  I was bringing supper to somebody, plus we had company for shalosh seudos, so I doubled the recipe.  It made four 1000-g (just over 2lb) challahs, plus a nice-sized “bilkeleh.”

What a yummy Shabbos!

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