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Quest for the Perfect Challah: Suggestions…?

image Since this blog appears to have a few readers now., and by “a few” I mean the traditional usage of “THREE,” I’m just curious…

This week’s non-challah Shabbos is perhaps indicative of my general “challah ennui” (is it a googlewhack? no: 4340 hits), and I want a new recipe – a new challenge, maybe.

What’s your favourite challah? Does anyone want to bail us out by sending a challah recipe you absolutely LOVE?

What I like, in general: challah must be sweet. It must not have too much whole wheat, but some, or some spelt, is just fine. I do not love EGGS in challah, but most of our challahs lately have been made with eggs.

I am particularly looking for “next-day” challahs… ie, a loaf you are not afraid to bite into, perhaps slightly warmed on the blech but nevertheless officially “day-old” bread.

We are torn on the “density “ issue. Elisheva adores a thick, heavy loaf. I tend to prefer a bit on the fluffier side. I guess that means we’re open-minded.

If you’ve read this blog a bit, you know I’ve become picky about measurements and prefer to measure the REAL way – by weight. Anything else is guesswork. I will measure yeast, salt etc in tablespoons, and water/oil/honey in cups (though weights are fine for these, too), but dry like flour and sugar should be scaled. Metric or otherwise – my scale can handle anything!

So, nu? Hit me with your best challah recipe! I will try it and report back. If yours is a winner with the family, well… like I tell my kids, you’ll come away with the great satisfaction of a job well done.

p.s. Cake recipes welcome also. Preferably pareve. Preferably TONIGHT, in time to make for Shabbos tomorrow. :-)))

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