Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thinking I need a new “staple” challah … :-(

breads 013This variation on the no-knead dough has been tweaked to death.

It now performs beautifully!  Forms shapely loaves that look great and actually taste wonderful when fresh… but I do not like it by the next day.

Maybe it’s the egg?

I feel like water challahs lose less in the transition to “day-old,” but I dunno, because all the books tell you that egg helps keep breads moist and fresh longer.

Whatever it is, I don’t like egg in my challah.

Maybe I will take out the egg next week, and tweak the recipe so it uses lots and lots of water.  I’m very open to suggestions, because this is our Shabbos staple and I would really like to moan with pleasure every time I bite into it, whether it’s Friday night or the next afternoon…

Okay, maybe not moan.  Maybe just a modest little “mmmm…”

Must think.  Must tweeeeeeeek.

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