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Unexpectedly delightful: Injerah

ethiopia1  Today was the Ethiopian Jewish festival of Sigd, so I made an Ethiopian-themed meal in its honour.

So, on a bread-related note, I made the traditional Injera flatbreads to go with the meal.

ears 005

Instead of the half-cup each of corn meal and whole-wheat flour that the recipe calls for, I substituted a full cup of rye flour, which one poster there pointed out is more closely related to the authentic Ethiopian “teff” grain.  The rye didn’t lend a distinctive flavour, but I believe its soft texture and fast fermentation definitely helped make these a success!

These are really just like extra-fluffy, yeasty pancakes – there was a decidedly “beery” aroma of fermentation, even after only a couple of hours, before I fried them up.

(I’d imagine this is a lot like what it’s like to eat pancakes made from straight poured-off sourdough with no add-ins, though those might be more sour… but I suspect the really authentic Ethiopian ones are a bit more sour as well)

After being daunted by other forms of flatbread (poori, naan), I was surprised by how dead simple it was to make these.  Mix, rest, pour, fry.  You only cook one side – the other is meant to have a “bubbly” texture and appearance. 

They really are just fermented pancakes!

ears 006 

(not a great picture… sorry!)

Here’s the whole stack of them – this recipe made too many, even for our family.  Looking at the recipe now, I can see why… 4 cups of flour!  I would probably halve the recipe if I make it again.

ears 007

(visit my real blog to find out else we ate with the Injerah!)

Mmm…now that’s some goooooood Ethiopian eatin’!

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