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Roasted-Garlic Potato Bread…

Yes, further to my “Six Word Saturday” resolution, I am making the no-knead roasted-garlic potato bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day for supper tonight.  Otherwise a completely lackluster supper, but hey, good bread…!


Post-script.  Or NOT.  :-(

Note to self:  This is a VERY wet dough.

Plopping the whole thing into one big pan is just wrong WRONG wrong. 

Next time, TWO loaf pans or TWO boule shapes, but NOT one pan.  Too big.  Too wet to cook through in under an hour, and more than that would burn the outside.

Yes, it was a soggy, disgusting mess in the middle… disappointing after so much eager anticipation of good bread.  I have just had to create a new blog category called “Disaster” so I will be able to track all these stunning failures over time…

Anyway, in the name of learning from experience, here it is, slashed and going into the oven:

soggy 001

And out again, 45 minutes later!  Looking yummy…soggy 002

Until we cut it open:

soggy 006  

Blah.  Soggy mess.

We did end up eating it, and yes, it was delicious, sweet from the roasted garlic and no question that it was nice and moist (ha ha ha). 

This is one of the few decent pieces we got out of it.

soggy 005

I will definitely make this again, in two pans.  Never again in one.  Like sourdough, I have resolved to conquer No-Knead Roasted-Garlic Potato Bread!!!

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