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Separated at birth? Actually, KIND OF. Stealing my sister's vegan cornbread muffins/loaf recipe video!

So my super-smart baker-almost-psychologist sister (aka Vegan Ukelele on YouTube ) has decided to branch out into super-smart musical baking videos.  Since she's vegan, almost everything will work for kosher kitchens as well. Did I mention she went to baking school and everything?  If she tells you something's good, it is . And her first video is all about one of my favourites: cornbread.  Or cornbread muffins.  It’s all in how you bake them up, as I’ll let her explain in the video, which I’m embedding below. Watching this video, so proud of my “sister-from-the-same-mother,” I had quite a few weird separated at birth moments, thinking in my head, "That's exactly what I would have said."  That was especially true because I was watching with NR, who has

I made these 2-ingredient pareve vegan sweet potato rotis -- and so can you! (with these 3 tips)

Ya know, there's nothing like a sister!  Let's all head out onto our balconies at 6 p.m. tonight and clap for our sisters.  No?  All clapped out? I thought so. (if "clapped out" means something obscene, I don't want to know about it, so just leave me and my naivete in peace) This vegan sweet potato flatbread recipe from Teenuja at Veganlovlie kept popping up in various social-media channels, as recipes do during corona times, when suddenly everybody has time to cook.  And I kept batting it away, ignoring it, vaguely interested but not quite enough to actually try it. (Okay, I confess, maybe both the word "vegan" and the non-word "lovlie" deterred me a little... why pay money for a URL with a misspelling in it?) And then my sister, who happens to be vegan, happened to mention that she'd happened to try it.  Which got those gear-wheels a-turnin', or whatever it is that gear-wheels do... and away I went the very next day. The

More delicious kosher morsels!