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More blueberry buns! (a poem)

I don’t make these very often, so it always feel like an Occasion.  I got so exited that I took a bunch of pictures, but then I turns out I already blogged here about the process (you can perhaps forgive my memory lapse given that it was almost three years ago!). Since I have included the pictures already in this post, I will take the liberty of writ out the steps in poetic form instead:   Snatch a round wad of fresh, fresh, fresh, dough / That’s already had sev’ral hours to grow; Roll it out pancake-flat and round / With two tablespoons of blue-filling crowned; Fold it tight-closed like half of a moon / Fingertips pounce upon’t to form a cocoon . Peel it on up from its bed on the table / pinching as tight as your fingers are able; Pinch and pinch and pinch some more / Lest blueberry filling sploosh out on the floor; When the pinching time’s fully done / Lie it so gently next to your last bun; Now if, on the pan, a bun should crack open / Pinch

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