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Pass the Pita, Please!

Not pita exactly, since this is basically the same way I make any flatbread.  Roll it, pat it, and toast it in my wonderful cast-iron skillet.   Dry – no grease or anything on the pan beyond the olive oil we apply to store the pan. I used the basic “50% spelt” recipe from Artisan Pizza & Flatbreads in Five Minutes a Day .  Not sure I love the cookbook, since there seem to be many many sauces and dips and not so many actual bread formulas, but I have it out from the library for a while longer, so I will keep exploring. The reason I wanted spelt – other than the fact that my mother and sister picked me up a big bag of nice, fresh spelt a couple of weeks ago – is that I was preparing these “pita” for an “ Egyptian feast ” to tie in with our ancient history studies.  Spelt may not be Emmer and Einkorn , but it’s a bit more authentic, and it adds whole grain without weighing down the taste and texture of the bread.  As far as I’m concerned, the words “delicious” and “whole grain”

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