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Web recipes – due diligence

Decided to try another kichel recipe, this time Marcy Goldman’s, from A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking .  Being the cheapo that I am, I didn’t rush out and actually buy the book (like I’d love for you to do by clicking the links!), I just looked up the recipe I wanted online. I found two almost-identical copies of the recipe here and here . Why two recipes? When using web recipes, I ALWAYS do due diligence and cross-check at least two versions for discrepancies.  It’s just too easy for a well-meaning blogger to make a mistake typing in a recipe, and it’s also easy for somebody to change around a couple of ingredients when posting their version of so-and-so’s winning recipe (and not say it’s been modified). So I did that – I double-checked every single ingredient, then went ahead and made the cookies, and after great effort to roll and cut them (sticky!), popped them in the oven for 25-30 minutes as directed in this version . Okay… I’ll admit it, I didn’t notice the lowe

First bread!

Always a milestone after Pesach!  This was just my basic no-knead “Ryelicious” Loaf .  It was super-easy, but left me thinking, “hmm… not enough rye!”  Maybe it’s because my rye flour is a little old, but it just left the impression of a slightly-more-flavourful white bread.  Delicious nevertheless! I kashered my new cast-iron loaf pans in the self-cleaning oven cycle so I could use them for Pesach, and I have spent the last two weeks worrying about how long it will take to get them back in working order again.  They worked SO perfectly from the get-go: loaves released like a charm – amazing.  Just tip them upside-down and they pop right out.  I have used cheap loaf pans for so long, I was amazed that I didn’t have to use parchment and STILL didn’t have to dig the bread out when it was finished.  Even my sister seemed a bit jealous – in a commercial setting, it simply isn’t viable to be tossing around pans that weigh this much even when they’re empty – not to mention costing quit

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