Separated at birth? Actually, KIND OF. Stealing my sister's vegan cornbread muffins/loaf recipe video!

So my super-smart baker-almost-psychologist sister (aka Vegan Ukelele on YouTube) has decided to branch out into super-smart musical baking videos.  Since she's vegan, almost everything will work for kosher kitchens as well.

Did I mention she went to baking school and everything?  If she tells you something's good, it is.

And her first video is all about one of my favourites: cornbread.  Or cornbread muffins.  It’s all in how you bake them up, as I’ll let her explain in the video, which I’m embedding below.

Watching this video, so proud of my “sister-from-the-same-mother,” I had quite a few weird separated at birth moments, thinking in my head, "That's exactly what I would have said."  That was especially true because I was watching with NR, who has

actually heard me say all these things at least once in the last week.

Top 3 Separated at Birth Moments

Actual excerpts from her video…

3. Danish Dough Whisk

"This wacky thing here is my Danish dough whisk. If you don't have one you have to go out and get one but once you have one, you're gonna wonder where it's been all your life.  It's great for different breads but especially for quick breads."

Check out Danish dough whisks here.


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2. Silicone Splatula

"Another tool I always love to have is a rubber spatula. So many times a day I'm reaching for a rubber spatula to scrape out a jar that's almost empty or that's almost empty or we're putting away leftovers. We want to get all that good stuff put away, and the rubber spatula is your friend."

I call the soft bendy kind a "splatula," to differentiate it from the one you use to make scrambled eggs or stir-fry in a skillet or wok.  And I really, really prefer the kind that’s all one piece so you don’t get crud building up inside where the head goes on.  Check them out here.



And the #1 Separated at Birth moment I had watching this video wasn’t a gadget at all...

“This is not really a good science experiment because I'm not doing like a side-by-side comparison. But as far as like one off I would say it's good. Throwing some extra sourdough into your corn bread your corn muffins -- is not a bad thing."

So much to unpack here. I'm always ranting at the kids about what is and is not a science experiment.
And also about sourdough.

Bonus Separated at Birth Moment

As a bonus, she also rants a little in the video about one of my kids' favourite rants of mine: don't overmix the wet & dry ingredients!

"Once you add your wet ingredients, you don't want to develop too much gluten for this recipe. When you're making a bread bread like a yeasted bread or sourdough bread, yes, you want to develop that gluten so that it has strength in the dough, but for something like corn bread or a quick bread, you want it to remain more tender so you want to mix it just until everything is wet."


Hungry for some cornbread yet?

I know I was!  After she mentioned making these, I rushed out and did my own last night.  I used whatever sourdough I had lying around and just eyeballed the moisture level.  I baked ours in one of my Lodge cast-iron loaf pans (this same sister gave me a pair as a gift years and years ago) with a little semolina sprinkled on the bottom for nonstick, and naturally stirred in some frozen corn to make them absolutely perfect.



Want to watch the whole thing?  I knew you would!  Recipe in the video description.  Just don’t forget to hit the thumbs up when you’re done!!

Spoiler alert / Trigger warning: a man does pop out with a banjo somewhere around 7:40.  It's a little alarming, but you get used to him after a while.

Like I said, watching this I kept wondering how she got into my head.

Not being vegan, I would just make this with egg, and in fact, I made basically the same cornbread as a loaf last night.  Sourdough and all.  Came out beautiful, though not quite as much sourdough flavour as I'd hoped.

And not being vegan, I would ordinarily serve it with butter, but last night we had it with a meat chili, so I just went without.  But if you're looking for a healthier pareve/vegan butter alternative, she's got one in this recipe that you can make in your blender at home.



Check out the whole video, like, comment, and subscribe, and maybe she'll keep on reading my mind in her next videos! 

Tzivia / צִיבְיָה


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