Sometimes, things don’t work out as planned (video)


Here’s something you don’t see all the time on today’s ultra-slick cooking blogs.  A confession:  sometimes, things don’t work out as planned.

For Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) this year, I decided to make one of those fabulous checkerboard cakes I’ve seen all over the Internet.  Sure, they sell special cake pans to make them, but that’s just kitsch, right?


Special pans:  Who needs ‘em, amIright?

Anyway, all the pans do is let you mix and match the bits and pieces a little more easily.  Surely, I can do that on my own, at home, with nothing more than my own ingenuity?



You can’t really see from this picture how wonky and falling-aparty these cakes really were.  But don’t take my word for it… you can see the whole thing coming together (and/or falling apart) in this delightful real-life video


The truth is, the cake turned out mighty tasty even if it didn’t exactly hold together or look like the gorgeous ones in the pictures.


Since nobody has asked, I’ll tell you anyway – the blue colouring came from a Kool-Aid Mixed Berry packet, of which I happen to have a lot on hand since I ordered a bunch last year on eBay.  I only like the strawberry ones, but I figured the other flavours would come in handy for something – and they did!


And you know what?  Even though I count this as a baking fail – almost right up there with the Piecaken Incident, that first slice was pretty impressive.  Sure, some of the later slices were a bit mixy-matchy, and not as neatly checkerboard-like as in the first picture. 

The lesson here is a simple one:  Life isn’t always like you see it in the movies.  But sometimes, it all turns out delicious anyway.



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