Cheapo Make n’ Take Muffin Tote idea

park picnic (35)Came up with this concept on my way out the door with a bunch of piping-hot-from-the-oven Berry Smash Muffins this morning…

This Cookie Crisp box was on top of the recycle bin, still nice and clean, and it turns out it’s exactly the right height to fit these muffins.  And fifteen muffins fit perfectly into the box.  I slid them in, taped it firmly shut, and we were on our way! 

They arrived much happier than usual.  I also happened to have a pair of scissors, so I could cut it open in perfect “Kel-Bol-Pak” style.  As Jerry Seinfeld used to say, “what was the point of this?  Pretending your parents couldn’t afford a bowl?”

Separated at birth???

park picnic (34) 

I made the muffins without streusel, by the way, since it never seems to travel well anyway.  I also cut down the sugar a bit, to 3/4 or 1 cup instead of 1 1/3 cups.

So there it is – my token post to my much-neglected Bread Blog.

To see more of my currently overwhelming project, check out my aliyah blog!!!


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