You’ve heard of cottage CHEESE…

Well, we’re back from the cottage, and here we are, making homemade “cottage challah” last Friday!

Eyeballing a very basic, thicker-than-usual dough on Thursday night…

cottage life 090

Kneading in an impromptu “dough bowl”…

cottage life 092 

Then, hauling it out for the kids on Friday afternoon!

cottage life 101 

Mine looked gorgeous!  I’m not used to working with such a firm dough…

cottage life 103 

We gave the kids raisin packets and I told them they could eat as many as they wanted and use the rest for their challahs.  Naomi painstakingly poked each one in to “hide” it in her dough.

cottage life 104 cottage life 107 

What beautiful challahs!

cottage life 117

And once again, I forgot to take pictures of the finished product!  They were a little drier than usual, and not as sweet as I like them, but they were warm and fresh, and THAT is a lovely thing in itself, in the midst of a crazy-busy cottage week.


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