Six Word… umm… Saturday: 30 Adar 1, 5771

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Moment of infamy, shouted at the Shabbos table:

“The challah has a bite missing!”

Which would be fine or, if not fine, the end of it if said child had not chosen to clarify for the guests:  “a mouse must have eaten it.”

Yup, our rodent guests are still with us, and probably multiplying by the week.  It is no longer safe to leave ANY food out, especially in plastic bags.  And the trap-kill-poison campaign has wound down; the baited traps that worked well at first are no longer effective at all.  It must mean they’re getting too much food elsewhere to care about what’s in the traps… but how??  It’s all locked up now, I’m certain of it.

Argh.  So unjust.  So frustrating.  And, in this case, so humiliating.


  1. If you can find their nesting place (most often under the house or in a garage storage area), you can do what we did and it worked fast! We put it bowls of help-yourself-poison in places where kids could not get to it. Within a week they were GONE and we never heard from them again. We had it really bad too - they were running across our coats in the coat closet whenever we opened the door! Their bodies are small and decompose without smelling. Wouldn't work with rats, though... :)

  2. We love poison, and so have all our rodents in past! But the ones that are left are seemingly immune to poison.

    We did - shudder - spot a rat, but Ted put poison in the attic AND sealed the attic (duct tape!!!) and nary a peep since!

    I hate the feeling of infestation: whether it's food moths or skunks or mice or whatever, it's so demeaning and demoralizing.

  3. Karen - the child was right that it was a mouse; you're just not supposed to ANNOUNCE IT to company!


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