Purim Onion-Poppy Ring

Onion and poppy – how do I love thee!  Let me count the Jewy ways to your Jewish Jewy goodness.  Whether it’s on a pletzl or a bagel or here, there is something utterly old-world and PERFECT about the combination.  Whereas lemon-poppy strikes me as innately goyish.  Strange!

I already did a step-by-step for this recipe last year, but what the heck… Maggie Glezer lists this as a “beginner” bread in her Blessings of Bread book, but I really don’t think so.  In terms of the dough, it’s simple; in terms of technique – hardly.  So here we go!

Two ballies… basic “Czernowitzer Challah” recipe from the book.

purim day 013

Become two snakes…

 purim day 014 

Become roadkill.

purim day 015 

I used purple onions this year, and judging from the pics, they’re not as finely diced as last year.  Or perhaps last year, I fried them… I dunno.  I did use butter last year and for whatever reason, I opted for oil this year.  I wouldn’t say the loaf suffered at all from being pareve instead of dairy.

purim day 016 

Shmear half on each roadkill snake.

purim day 017 

Roll and pinch them up into snakes again.

purim day 018

Cross the snakes in the middle and get ready to wrap and roll!

 purim day 019

Let’s do the TWIST…

 purim day 020 

And now twist the other end… it’s getting a bit messy where filling has started to goober out the end.

purim day 021 

Pinch the messy ends together and try to make it look slightly elegant.  Fail.

purim day 022 

Aaaagh!  Using all of your seven  hands, transfer the soft, floppy, falling-aparty wreath shape to the baking pan to rise and cover well.

purim day 023 

Fully risen, time to shmear with egg wash.

purim day 024 

Sprinkle with poppy to disguise how messy the loaf looks.

purim day 025 

And bake to perfection!!!  Notice it’s come open in a few places.  Once again, nobody complained.

purim day 027 

Mmmm… realize it might be helpful to see the inside before it’s all gone and take a quick shot before digging in.

purim day 028

Another delicious, simple Purim seudah made complete with delicious bread.


  1. I've made this bread before (LOVE Maggie Glezer and her Czernowitzer challah dough). Your bread looks beautiful. When I made this ring, it wasn't quite right--maybe I didn't bake it long enough or give the bread enough room. I'm not sure, but the onions were too raw-ish inside. I like the idea of frying the onions.

  2. Hi Jennifer, your Purim ring looks beautiful, I just came across your blog this morning and love it. I would love to subscribe to it by e-mail. Looking forward to trying some of your recipes after Pesach.


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