Well, I made the Baby…

…But I called it BIG PANCAKE!  (also known as a “Dutch Baby”, apparently… because in Holland, the babies are born big, floury and sizzling hot)

See, that way I have an edge.  Ted may make ORDINARY pancakes, but I can (now) make BIIIIIIIG pancake.

Utterly, utterly easy.  Simple, and delicious.  Served for lunch with powdered sugar, but YM had his with cottage cheese.

Whir the batter in the blender – 2 eggs, half a cup of flour, a couple more things (I halved the recipe).  So simple.

baby 002 

Leave it to sit for half an hour. 

Pour into cast-iron pan in which I’ve melted about 1/4 of a stick of butter.

baby 003

Bake 10 minutes on bottom rack; 10 more minutes on top rack.

Boy, did it puff!

 baby 004 

Slid out like a dream…

baby 005 

… and right out onto the plate!

baby 006

Yummy!  As close as you can get to a no-effort kid-pleasing lunch…

p.s.  So this officially ends my dithering over the genre of my cast-iron pan:  it is now a DAIRY pan.  But I still have the small enameled cast-iron dutch oven, which is pareve.  However, it slightly failed to do its job of baking a loaf of bread tonight, so I will blog about it another day.


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