Sourdough on the go…

Yup, not one, not two, but THREE sourdough projects on the go at the moment!

  1. Firm starter being fed and groomed for sourdough challah
  2. Breadtopia’s No-Knead Sicilian bread, sourdough style (yes, I realize we ate semolina bread on Monday, but I really didn’t like it, and I’d like to try something different…).  I hope to either bake this in the dutch oven or use the dutch oven as a cloche over it while it bakes so as to fulfill my “bake-in-pot” promise!
  3. Finally, what to do with all that poured-off un-needed sourdough?  Sourdough hotcakes fermenting in a bowl for breakfast tomorrow!  I plan to mix in blueberries to make them a bit more exciting.  I realized only after mixing the overnight portion of this batter that there’s no dairy, so these are totally pareve.  I picked the recipe because it was eggless, but yes, I’m tired, and didn’t realize they were also dairy-free (though I will fry them in butter to compensate!).  They look a bit like the injera I made a while ago, only with bread flour.  We shall see how they turn out…



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