Six Word Saturday in Bread: 16 Cheshvan, 5771

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Oy, vey… that was BAD challah.

Not BAD, bad, exactly.  The taste was nondescript, not terrible.  Sourdough was completely undetectable, which is fine with me either way.

But what killed it for me was that this was absolutely the driest challah I have ever, ever tasted.

It was like chewing a mouthful of sawdust.  I couldn’t eat more than half a slice.

What happened????  What could have made this bread so, so, utterly, unspeakably dry?  Too much oil (huh)?  Too long baking?  (note to self:  add bread thermometer to “wanty” list so I am not always overbaking stuff)

I am getting back on this sourdough pony one more time.  I feel I am very close to a breakthrough, aka delicious sourdough challah.  For next week:  “Rose Levy Beranbaum’s New Favourite Traditional Challah.” 

I have her Bread Bible out of the library right now, but she says the online recipe is way better than the one she’s got in there.  She describes it as “the best challah I’ve ever tasted.”

Oh, just remembered:  the part of this that is SO terrible is that we had a challah last night that was store-bought from a bakery up north and it was not only SO good, and not only did it have an intriguing orangey streusel sprinkled on top… but I could have sworn there was a distinctive sourdough tang to the bread.  I want to make challah like THAT, and this week, I  have utterly failed.


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