Out of the primordial ooze…

DSC08291This week’s Maggie Glezer Sourdough Challah is looking pretty good despite the debacle that went into their creation.

There is definitely double the oil in these loaves; the dough was super-shiny and almost translucent.  (however, the exterior shine in the picture is from my oiling the strands as I rolled them)

I am really worried about how these loaves will perform.  For one thing, the dough really wants to spread.  The snakes got a little bit “wide and flat” just sitting on the table waiting for me to roll them out.  :-o

Here’s what I have done to salvage them:  stuck them in loaf pans so they will rise up, not out; oiled the strands so they’ll retain their definition better; pop them in the fridge to retard overnight.

Actually, this last may be a disaster in itself, because there’s a chance they could overproof during the night and be flaccid, liquid-toady blobs by morning.

Meanwhile, they’re looking good – despite my amateurish and distracted efforts, I suppose.


Rose a bit overnight, but not a ton.  For sure, the braids lost some definition.  Left on the table for 2 hours while we went out, baked at 350° when we got home (I left plenty of time for the stone to preheat – indeed, I baked lunch bourekas at 425° first before turning down the temperature!).

Here they are, brushed with egg, ready to go in (not sprinkled yet; I used poppy).


I baked them long, because loaf pan loaves take longer.  Maybe 45 minutes?  They rose okay in the oven, though I would have liked to see more spring after such a lackluster second fermentation.


Underside looks nice!


Will report back tomorrow on how they tasted… after all those mishaps, maybe they will be delicious after all. 

Good Shabbos!

(post-Shabbos postscript:  oy vey, this was SO bad.  See my 6ws for details)


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