It’s here! The WHISK is here!

stroll 001My whisk!  My Danish Dough Whisk! 

(heretofore:  DDW)

I was slightly afraid it would be all hype and that the thing would do perhaps a slightly better job than, say, a SPOON. 

But no, it is a whole other world of mixing.  This dough took seconds to mix extremely well.

Up until now, my one qualm about mixing up really big batches (double or triple) in my big bucket has been this:  a spoon or silicone spatula do a great job of incorporating all the flour, but can’t really reach the CENTRE of the blob. 

I know this because I can sometimes feel lumpy bits in the middle of a huge batch of no-knead dough.  I have never had actual flour in the middle of challah or a boule, but I do sometimes notice an uneven texture – areas that are slightly denser and poorly mixed.

So:  it turns out that CENTRE OF THE BLOB is what the DDW is all about.

I used it right away yesterday (once I’d toiveled it) to stir up a batch of the Sicilian No-Knead Bread that made me cave and buy the whisk in the first place. 

Naomi wanted a piece of the DDW action, and I don’t blame her. 

I let her use it to stir the dry ingredients, and then she kept stirring as I added the wet ingredients.  Well, she is not a super-strong 5-year-old, but by the time I finished pouring and told her it was my turn with the whisk, the flour was pretty much incorporated.  A couple more stirs and it was done.  This recipe calls for a brief mix, then continuing the mix 10  minutes later, which the DDW also handled very quickly and efficiently. 

Cleanup is great, too:  so little dough stuck to the whisk that it hardly looked like it had been used at all.  Like many good bread accessories, I suspect that you could just leave the whisk for few hours, then just brush off any dried dough and it would be good to go again.

I can’t believe this only cost $8, and this may easily end up being the best $8 I ever spent on my kitchen…

$8!  (okay, plus shipping)

I love when there is something cheap and easily available that just makes your life GOOD.  I haven’t had a chance to try out the bowl scraper that I got with the whisk, but I have no doubt that it will be similarly fun and easy to use.


  1. I finally purchased this a few weeks ago. I can't believe I waited so long to get it. So far I've made (using the artisian bread in 5 minutes recipes) baguettes and pizza dough using the whisk.


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