Breadsmith Challah with Naomi Rivka

Mostly just the pics this time, continuing with this week’s Breadsmith Challah, courtesy of Maggie Glezer.  Couldn’t find the recipe online, so I guess you’re just going to have to buy the book – or borrow it from my mother, like I did!

Naomi decided to get in on the action, which is great… I haven’t baked with the kids in a VERY long time.

This dough is perfect for working with kids.  Gorgeously silky and well-developed, as opposed to my usual no-knead wet dough, it feels almost plasticky, like chewing gum.  No flour needed on the table, and it leaves just the slightest oily sheen on everything it touches.  My hands actually feel nice and soft after working with it for a while!

Divvying it up:  exactly the same weight, but even after seeing that, Naomi chose the one on the left because “it’s bigger.”  Thank you, Piaget!

challahs 001 

Here she is, “smoothing” it out and getting ready.

challahs 002 

Scaling her own little bits and pieces.  Mostly reading the numbers backwards:  “it’s 39!”  (translation:  93 grams)  You’ll notice she has a REAL serrated steak knife, albeit a small one.  Nothing else works well for actually cutting the dough, and she loves being able to do it herself.  I had to show her how to saw the knife.  I used to give just a butter knife, but that is only good for poking holes in the dough, not actually cutting it.

challahs 003 

Meanwhile, I am efficiently rolling out my snakes and tapering the ends beautifully for the fancy Maggie Glezer six-braid I am determined to perfect!

challahs 004 

And here it is!  Gorgeous.  You cannot see in this picture how very small it is, though the snakes above should give you some idea.  It is just a bit longer than my hand, from palm to third finger-tip.

challahs 005

And here, after much deliberation, and a bit of frustration because she can’t really roll snakes yet, is Naomi Rivka’s hybrid “snakes, ladders and ballies” version.

naomi dough 001

Yum!  She is demonstrating eating it all up in a single bite!

Just-before-Shabbos-Postscript:  Here they are, ready to go into the oven:

baked 001

And baked at last!  It feels like they are bouth nice and light and pouffy

baked 003

… and you know what?  Naomi’s really does look bigger!


  1. Your little girl is soo cute! I will have to try this bread it looks divine!


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