Beer Bread: Step by VERY easy step!

Fast becoming a family favourite, so I thought I’d post a step by step.  Dunno why; it really is just mix and pour!
But first, you’ll need the recipe.  It’s here.  
Instead of sifting, sifting, sifting like the author suggests, I just whirred everything together in the food processor with the steel blade.  And instead of measuring out 3 cups of flour, I used (note added 11/30/11:  I think this 305 is meant to be 405g - oy) 305g of all-purpose.  The whirring accomplishes way  more than sifting anyway… blends all the dry stuff together so you are guaranteed no lumps!
Once the dry stuff is whirred, toss it back in a bowl and add the beer.  Stir, stir, stir, until it is uniformly wet.  I don’t get a “pourable” consistency as the recipe suggests.  It is thick and sticky when ready.
beerbread 001
Plop it into a baking pan.  Don’t worry; you oil the bread so much it won’t stick.
 beerbread 002
Pouring oil over.  The recipe calls for butter, which is nice, but canola works surprisingly well and makes this bread vegan, which is helpful for a Vegan Vursday menu.
beerbread 003
In my review of this recipe, I said not to bake at 375 for the full hour suggested, but today, I forgot and DID bake it for the full hour.  It came out fine.  I wonder why last time it was too dark?
beerbread 004
Slice it open, and enjoy!  If you have soup or really love fresh bread, it doesn’t even need butter!
 beerbread 007


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