Scaling New Heights!

scale 008

Yup, it’s a tacky pun, but here I am, scaling the flour for yet another Artisan Bread in FiveBig Batch.

It sure ain’t pretty, though…

Since they’re aimed at home cooks, none of the recipes in the book include weight measures.  But at their website, the authors mention that they are weighing a cup of all-purpose at a standard 5 ounces.

And since we’re in Canada, my beautiful new Birthday Scale (thank you, Sara!) (if you’re crushed that you can no longer buy me a scale for my birthday, other lovely items are still available on my wish list!), weighs things only in metric.  Who cares about ounces once you’re north of the border???

Well, as everybody knows, 5 ounces equal 141.75 grams.  No problem!  (or at least, I knew this after using my Cool Cooking Web Tool site)

And that means if I’m making a double batch of the Master Bread recipe, I have to multiply the 6.5 cups it calls for by two, then by 141.75.  What you end up with is 1842-ish grams, give or take… and here it is, all lit up in beautiful digital blue on my brand new SCALE!

I am either going to make this into pizza or pletzl for supper.  The original plan was pizza, but it seems we are out of cheese.  Pletzl isn’t a meal in itself, however, so I will have to make soup.  Plus it requires a bit more prep time because of the onions. 

Okay, right, I’m just being lazy.  Pletzl it is!


  1. I love scaling my ingredients--no measuring cups to clean!

    I joined the Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day bake along, (info on joining at

    The group files include a handy spreadsheet made by a member that gives you the weights for various ingredients and will even half the recipe for you. Worth the price of joining (it's free ;o)


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