The Ciabatta/Focaccia thing…

ciabatta 005My latest challenge is a simple one:  create a delicious creamy airy fabulous artisan-quality Ciabatta… or Focaccia, because they are basically flip sides of the same thing.

First attempt yesterday was not amazing.  Not a flop, but not mind-blowing.

The bread, based on the Artisan Bread in Five (AB5) Master Dough, was TASTY, but it could not by any stretch be called either of the two paradigmatic bread-types above.  Basically, it was just bread.

  ciabatta 006ciabatta 003

Bread with a weird shape.  Yummy bread, and half the dough is still waiting to make a fabulous base for tomorrow night’s homemade pizza, but just bread, nonetheless.

SO… after weeks, if not months, of lazy bread lady slackishness, it seems that we are back to messing around starters and poolishes and whatnot.

First stop along the fun & delicious path to the perfect Ciabatta:  one of two sites:

Kath’s husband Matt’s dual-purpose-from-a-single-poolish Focaccia and Ciabatta.


The highly fabled Jason's Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta Bread over at The Fresh Loaf.

Stay tuned for one, or the other, or a head-to-head showdown!  Actually, scratch that.  No energy for a showdown, sorry!


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