DIY Birthday Cake-Mix Cake Decorating

DSC05513 I finally decided that if we don’t just bite the bullet and celebrate both boys’ birthdays today, it will never happen.  Gavriel Zev’s was almost two weeks ago, but we were too busy with Sukkos; there hasn’t been a Sunday that we weren’t busy.  Yerachmiel Meir’s was just last week.

The cakes are from a mix – some deep-dark chocolate thing that is impossible to ice over with white icing.  But the white doesn’t look too terrible, as long as you don’t look too closely.

The decorations were done with Cake Mate Scribblers, which smear and run much less than the gel-type squeeze icing.

The motif here is cheap and cheerful!  The whole endeavour cost a fraction of what a store-bought cake would have… probably for tastier, fresher cakes, to boot.

  DSC05514 DSC05515


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