Let them eat…

beerbread 001 Not exactly bread, but more appropriate for this blog than my other one, being baking-related.

Yes, it’s HONEYCAKE season!

The one week of the year when we don’t have to ask, “what’s for dessert?”

Because I love honeycake!  We all do.  It bakes up in huge batches, freezes amazingly well (especially if you reheat it in the oven) and contains a lot of all the good things in life:  sugar, oil, flour, honey, coffee.

We eat honeycake from the minute Rosh Hashanah starts ‘till the minute Simchas Torah is over… I usually find one last frozen one for the very last day!

I use Norene Gilletz’s recipe from Second Helpings, Please!, which is fairly accurately reproduced online here.  (however, forget the stuff she adds about cinnamon, raisins or nuts… this is a great cake; don’t mess with perfection!)

I used to have an actual copy of the cookbook, but it fell apart from too much love.  And anyway, there were only a few recipes I used regularly… so now I just get them online when I need them. 

Lazy, but what’s the Internet for, if not looking up recipes you lost long ago?

Pictures to be posted when the cakes are done.  There are six of them baking in loaf pans as I write this.


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